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The Spiritual Red Cardinal

Do you believe ?

     It's been almost a year now since our Mother passed away.  She passed on the same day in April that our father did 18 years earlier.  The morning after the funeral I looked out my front window and I couldn't believe what I saw.  Outside,  on a tree branch, sat a male cardinal and a female cardinal.  It seemed almost as if they were looking in.  I excitedly called my brother to report this amazing event.  But before I could get my story out, he told me about two cardinals sitting in a tree outside his window.


red cardinal,spirit red cardinalThe bright red male cardinal and the pale brownish female cardinal with her sharp red accents have long been regarded as the spiritual sign of a loved one.  This belief continues to survive even in our modern world.  Many Native American tribes held beliefs around the cardinal.  For example, in Cherokee lore, the “red bird” was the daughter of the Sun.  For other tribes, the cardinal helped predict changes in the weather, acted as a sign of which direction to travel, or as a guardian and watcher.


The word “cardinal” has its roots in Latin.  The word cardo means hinge or a door. This can be interpreted as the bird represents a literal door between the spirit world and the earth.  With the mission to convey messages between these two worlds, this is a very symbolic and personal sign for the person receiving it. 


The next time you see a cardinal trying to get your attention, ask yourself: What or who were you thinking of at that moment?  Did you ask for spiritual guidance before spotting the Cardinal?

spirit cardinal A sighting should bring you peace and hope, that your message was heard.  Always remember that the spirits are protecting you and don’t forget to thank our little red-wing friend for making an appearance.


Our experience made believers out of us.  We were inspired to create keepsake reminders that a loved one is always near whenever a cardinal is near.     

If you believe too, share your belief with others

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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


Thank you for your reflections and explanations of the beautiful Cardinal.

Kathleen Ackley

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